Historically Underserved

& Underrepresented

Farmers and Ranchers

of Color (FARC)

Historically underserved and underrepresented disadvantaged ("HUUD") farmers and ranchers of color are disengaged and not connected and supported with federal funding, resources, and opportunities. In order to serve farmers and ranchers of color, it is essential that good relationships are established, and strong trusting bridges are built to connect this community with USDA programs and services aimed at supporting any and all farmers and ranchers.

There is a direct connection between discriminatory policies within the USDA rooting out discriminatory policies, and providing specific, Black farmers, and other farmers of color with the necessary tools to succeed in rooting out discriminatory policies, and with the necessary tools to succeed. Historically, racist policies have robbed Black/African American, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Hispanic or Latino, and Asian American or Pacific Islander Farmers and Ranchers of Color of the economic opportunity to thrive in our country's agricultural industry. USDA only granted Farmers of Color 0.05% of the 2020s $29B stimulus bailout package.

More Historical Data

Based on 1:1 conversations, articles, and news reports, there are documented historical data regarding small SDA farmers and ranchers of color experience ongoing tremendous financial hardships and health burdens that are exasperated by the lack of selling enough produce to consumers during 2020 to present as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The initial CFAP of late 2020 was not fully disclosed and/or applications were not accepted, or if accepted not processed, or not processed timely by the local FSA staff which could have provided immediate financial relief for the SDA farmers and ranchers of color in decreasing their economic impacts of the pandemic should the SDA farmers and rancher, and especially the farmers of color should the FSA staff rendered the same fair and equitable service, support and treatment to all farmers and the application process regardless of race or skin tone.

In addition, HUUD farmers and ranchers of color have a genuine distrust towards their local FSA personnel. Therefore, it’s such a huge challenge to expect farmers and ranchers to immediately restore their trust and belief within the very FSA agency that prejudiced against them leading to financial grief and hardship which affected the farmer and his/her family’s daily livelihood financially, mentally as well as emotionally.

Farmers and ranchers of color hornist a high level of mistrust and disrespect from the local FSA personnel when visiting the office for support and assistance.

The anecdotal information above was provided by HUUD Black Farmers with whom FARCGASC Team consulted, and as a result, they agreed to partner with FARCGASC. The SDA partners were consulted for this project via Zoom meetings, written correspondence, and phone calls.